Celebration cakes – childrens lion birthday cake

My granddaughter Emma has carried and dragged around a small and loveable lion for almost as long as I can remember.  There is an endearing lack of originality to the name of this lion. He is simply called Lion.  He is loved in much the same way as other family favourites such as Monks and Dirty Beach who have also had their fondant likenesses appear on birthday cakes I have made.

A couple of other lions have been added to her collection and it was these that gave me the idea of making a cake that depicted Emma and her lions (and a tiger) having a picnic.

I had great fun making the tiny items for the picnic, sandwiches, hot dogs and so on as well as a miniature cake. You can see these in the photo’ set below and not for the first time the cake I made was well received and another case of love at first bite.

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