Singing robin

Doing what robins do

There are lots of beautiful things to see in nature and the sight and sounds of the robin are up there with the best.

On a recent walk along the local stretch of the River Tame I heard, then spotted, a robin singing in a tree.  I watched him as he hopped along the branch and was able to get some pictures.

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How do robins build their nests?  Poem by George Cooper

How do the robins build their nests?
Robin Redbreast told me.
First a wisp of amber hay
In a pretty round they lay;
Then some shreds of downy floss,
Feathers too and bits of moss,
Woven with a sweet, sweet song,
This way, that way, and across,
That’s what Robin told me.

Where do the robins hide their nests?
Robin Redbreast told me.
Up among the leaves so deep,
Where the sunbeams randy creep,
Long before the winds are cold,
Long before the leaves are gold,
Bright-eyed stars will peep, and see
Baby robins, one, two, three;
That’s what Robin told me

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