A bit of lockdown learning

I’ve always been a keen walker and when we went into lockdown in March last year it was more important than ever to get out in the fresh air for some exercise.  My husband has been walking along the local stretch of the River Tame and Peak Forest canal regularly and was taking some fabulous photos with his Canon EOS 200D camera (click here to go to his blog}.  I took my Panasonic Lumix compact out with me to bring an added interest to my walk, and whilst the photos were decent it wasn’t good enough for the photos I wanted so I decided to invest in a new camera.

Choosing a camera

I bought my camera in May last year and opted for a Canon M50 mirrorless, it’s a step up from my old Panasonic.  I chose the mirrorless as it’s a similar performance but lighter and more portable than a full DSLR camera and that was important to me.

Not just about the camera

It’s fair to say a decent camera helps to get great photos, but it’s not just about the camera.  I have invested lots of hours of my time reading about the camera, the lenses and how to get the best out of them.  I started by joining a free online workshop called A Year with My Camera, click here for the link.  I found it really useful.  But of course, there’s no substitute for going out and putting what you’ve learnt into practice.

What is there to see?

When I go out for a walk it’s not often my camera isn’t with me.  As the seasons have changed it’s been lovely to see the changes in the behaviour of the birds and squirrels, as well as the changes in the scenery.  As the leaves on the trees have fallen, the birds have been much easier to spot and I’ve become quite adept at spotting the different types and when the sun shines I’ve been lucky to spot a couple of foxes sunbathing in a local field.

See below for some photos from my walks over the last couple of months.

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