Flying herons – photographed on the Peak Forest canal

Peak Forest canal walk

Another day and another walk along the Peak Forest canal.  The canal is 14.8 miles long and runs from Portland Basin in Ashton-under-Lyne to Bugsworth Basin in  Buxworth, Whaley Bridge in the High Peak.

Flying Herons on the Peak Forest canal

A constant visitor to the canal is the grey heron.   It doesn’t matter if it’s busy with cyclists, joggers or dog walkers, the heron is usually to be found either standing next to the canal looking majestic or flying along the water.

With a wing span ranging from around 5ft to over 6ft it really is a fantastic sight when he goes from a standing position to full flight.

His feathers look fabulous when his wings are fully extended and he is gracefully moving them up and down or gliding along, but when he comes in to land he looks quite dishevelled.

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