Don’t wait for the sunshine

There’s no wrong weather for walking –  only wrong clothing

My husband has always said that there is no wrong weather for walking, only wrong clothing.  Before I go for my walks I have a quick check out of the window and a look at the weather forecast and then I decide what I’ll wear.  The past couple of weeks it’s been a waterproof jacket and trousers and my walking boots.  It’s been pretty wet at times.

Horses and puddles

On my local walks I go past a field where there are usually four or five horses.  When I passed them during the week the field was full of very large puddles and as I got to the horses the rain came down very heavily and it seemed to spook them.  They galloped around the field and then through the puddles.  The sound of their hooves on the ground was tremendous.  I managed to get a couple of photo’s.


Cormorant and Pheasant

On a recent walk I spotted a cormorant on the opposite side of the river.  Whilst I was watching him drying his wings a pheasant flew over and joined him.  They stayed together for a few minutes before the cormorant flew off.

Ducks, geese and heron

It’s often quiet on the local river and canal but you can always depend on the ducks and geese for a photo.  I love watching them diving under the water then shaking the water off when they resurface.  There are quite a few herons on the stretch of the Peak Forest canal that I regularly walk, it’s a rare occasion that I don’t see one or two.  On one of the pics you can see the rain falling around it.

The people you meet

I see lots of people when I’m walking along the river, some of them I’ve got to know quite well and spend time talking to them, comparing notes on what wildlife we’ve seen recently.  A few of them have a dog and it’s quite often the dogs name I remember rather than the people.  The dog in the last pic is called Mia, she’s lovely and sits very patiently waiting for her owners to finish chatting.