Daisy Nook Country Park

A wander around Daisy Nook Country Park

The lockdown restrictions have meant that we have had to stay local for our walks and whilst we have some lovely stretches of the Peak Forrest Canal and the Tame Valley within easy walking distance, it’s nice to see some different scenery.  Last week we made the short drive to Daisy Nook Country Park in the Medlock valley for a walk around and to take some pictures.  You can read about Daisy Nook by clicking here and see more pictures on my husband’s blog by clicking here.

Hungry heron

One of the first things we spotted was a heron.  It had its back to us but when it turned around we saw it had a very large fish in its beak, it was a pike.  We stood for quite a while watching it as it maneuvered the fish into its mouth and down its throat.

Not forgetting the birds

As we walked we saw lots of different birds including chaffinches, robins, ducks, and grebes.  We took pictures of the ones that stayed still long enough for us.

Decent Coffee

We finished our walk with a decent take-out coffee from the cafe next to the car park.

All in all, it was a very decent visit and we will definitely be going again.

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