Haughton Dale Nature Reserve

Where to find Haughton Dale Nature Reserve

Haughton Vale is a nature reserve near Haughton Green, Denton in Tameside.  It runs along the river Tame and covers almost 23 acres.  You can read more about it here.  It’s a regular walk for myself and my husband and we walk anything from five to seven miles depending on the weather.  There are many paths to follow, all leading to different parts of the woodland.

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What is there to see

The nature reserve is home to lots of wildlife.  As you would expect there are squirrels – on the ground and in the trees.  It’s also home to many species of birds.  My sightings include kingfishers, robins, jackdaws, crested ducks, jays, and wagtails.  There are owls and birds of prey but I’ve yet to see them.

But it’s not just about the wildlife.   You can walk along the river and if you do decide to do that look out for a kingfisher perched on a branch over the river or the telltale flash of blue as it darts along.  There are also a couple of weirs and dippers can often be spotted dipping in and out of the water.

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