Celebration cakes – cakes for all occasions

This post features a variety of cakes that I have made for a various occasions.

Sticky: The cakes include one of my husbands favourites, a rich Sticky Ginger cake with generous pieces of stem ginger.

Themed cakes: The pig themed cake also features a fondant ‘look a like’ of his favourite soft toy a scruffy, beat up monkey. The monkey is formally named Beach Monkey, but more affectionally known as Dirty Beach within the family. His name is derived from the rather smart clothing he had when new … as in beach wear. His moniker these days of Dirty Beach is entirely derived from the dirty scruffy animal that he has become.

Fairy cake: No cake collection would be complete without a a fairy cake, although I should really say a fairy themed cake rather than an actual fairy ‘cup cake’ style cake

The birthday cake with the yellow bows was one that I made for my daughters birthday … and if you look carefully you might even spot me in one of the pictures!

If you’re looking for celebration cake/birthday cake ideas hopefully some of the decorated cakes in the picture set below might help.

Clicking on any of the pictures below will open a scrollable gallery