Celebration birthday cake – for a fisherman

I suppose there are many of us who know someone who likes to head off for the river or favourite stretch of water to spend time fishing. So what better cake for their birthday than one that celebrates their hobby.

In my case I got to make this cake for my Uncle when he celebrated his 80th birthday. Making the cake to my favourite birthday cake recipe was the (relatively) easy bit. Coming up with the design, then sitting down to do the fondant modelling was trickier and incredibly time consuming.

For this cake I went with a ‘fishing scene’ design.  I included a fish caught on the end of the line, a ‘no fishing’ sign and even a fondant look alike figure of my uncle sat on the bank fishing. Although time consuming this is probably one of my favourite and most satisfying cake designs.

You can see pictures of the cake below. Clicking on any picture will open a scrollable gallery for you to look through.